Thursday, September 3, 2015

Check it out...Photo Shoot 101

Drink it in, I cannot wait to do more!

Karter!!!  One week old

Fast asleep

Finally, teensy awake

Callie, 1 month

New Mama Elyssa and big brother Kayden

Kayden on his trampoline

Callie's card made by Great GreatAunt Nancy
Card for Karter by Great Great Aunt Nancy

 Let's get this straight...I love my Heavenly Blues!!!  They are just getting started, oh, that they burst out as do the Purple ones, they take over everywhere they sprout!!!

My purple swing, should have done it years ago!

A tour of the yard shows the Japanese Anemone is starting to will be with us til frost.

The autumn clematis has never been more beautiful, this is the side towards the driveway

and this is from inside, with a huge pokeberry that the catbird is busy nibbling on!

My pots out front from the "cart special" end of season prizes.  I will keep my begonias over...

Our planting of sod around the new a/c is taking well, I am pleased.

That is Bubblegum pink hanging basket in background, does it ever perform..this is from MAY!!

My purple ladder, and some of the 1/2 "stuff" from Lowes, Gotta get it into the ground.

Rosemary, Lavender, Plumeria,all sharing this space

Closeup of Spanish Flag, I like it, hope it comes back with a vengence!

Barn Lily, love it

Hummingbird Vine andSpanish Flag vine
taller than the roof!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh! Wow!! It has been over a year since I have blogged, I am going to catch up a bit.

So much has happened and I did not document it, except on Facebook and my photos.  I will do better, I shall do better, do you hear me?

Things I am working on:
Cards from last month's class

Birthday cards, Rose and Kane

Baby card for Emily/Callie

Callie received a new cousin last night, Karter...7.7  Twins Emily and Elyssa with babies 2 weeks apart, give or take a day or so!

My love for essential oils, learning and helping us all feel better without the chemicals and drugs!!
I began this journey back in November, so far, Mac escaped his annual bronchitis routine (Eucalyptus), his snoring is 100% better, almost all gone!!( Valor) My sinus is treated with Breath Again and Allergy Trio.  my occasional run-ins with sticks and brush...bad for my shins...Mel A aka Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Frank, andClove. I bleed profusely for a time because I am on blood thinners.(Mechanical Heart Valve)

I spent all morning researching who else is drinking from the hummingbird feeder...finally found out.....would you believe this is a female Baltimore Oriole?!  I saw her yesterday and at first glance thought, "why is a robin on the hummingbird feeder, then at second glance, no, too small for a robin and it is not a robin..only had my eyes, no phone, camera, today out kitchen window I spied her again, grabbed it all and went outside to await her coming back to feeder, I was to the computer I went you think this female hummer is wondering who is this on my feeder?

Amazing. wonder if that is how this particular feeder is always so empty and I am just now seeing who the culprit is??  At one time I thought it was bats drinking from it in the night.  That supposition was really enforced when I saw a bat flying over the pool one night as I was brushing it down late.  Makes you wonder?