Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's all about Cinnamon buns!!!

This morning I made Cinnamon rolls/buns ala The Pioneer Woman.

If you have not "found her"go to The Pioneer Woman.com I happened onto her a year or so ago and wow...she does have some great recipes!!! Photography is super duper and now, check your listings, she has a program on HGTV!!

Here are more pics "in no particular order" as the shows on tv would say!!!

drizzling on the icing after they come from the oven

This is how they look with the cinnamon and sugar etc as you start to roll them up!!

You still have time, check out blog and make some "Christmas smells" as sister Rose said to me!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Creating my Christmas cards

Busy finishing up my personal cardmaking. Do you remember the poinsetta from my post "Pink Poinsettias"? I took a photo then used the photo as a card front. Turned out beautifully. I used green cardstock on 2 and Kraft on 2 others, I love how they turned out!

On the second one, I took the Damask snowflake die and cut out several "angel cards" I like that it is another way to use the die. The angel is from Holiday Love Lives Here: Holiday, Tiny Tags, Twine, Platinum Stickles complete the look. On reverse side I stamped peace love joy and signed our names + 2011. I think it is a unique card that can be hung year round as well as Christmas.

The third one is an idea I picked up from a blog, I am sorry I do not remember which, but they suggested using a whole stamp set, I used multiple sets all Papertrey. I like the graphic look. I used Kraft, distressed edge with Black ink.
My card list has been whittled down, now onto some baking (better late than never)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Poinsettias!

My very non-traditional Poinsettia, I think I really like it!! I went to the greenhouse yesterday to pick out. I purchased a ticket from one of the Beavercreek girls softball team fundraising. I should have taken that picture, pinks, burgandy, reds, whites, what a decision...so I decided to go "out of the box"!!

I colored my "Flurry of Love" by Pure Innocence (MFS) I used Nestibilities dies, Papertrey papers and Copic markers. This is an "homage "to Beate, took a class from her last December when she was still in Ohio. I like how it turned out. Now onto getting my cards ready to mail !!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, so I do not know what happened to my very first post from yesterday, first on this blog, please view previous posts on mychipmunkhill, anyway...I am reposting as well as I can, reconstructing what I did yesterday...bear with me.

Yesterday was a dark and dreary day, rain approaching, with temps in the 40's. When the temp reaches 40 I take my ferns out for a drink....you see I keep all my ferns over the winter not a pretty sight with all their little leaves over everything, but I digress, when it is mild enough out they go for a "watering"!!

Picture is after they are "back in their places"! Now the 9 in the garage is another story.

My "Snowman of the day" I decided maybe a vintage looking one, so distressed with some Smootch, various Papertrey dies, and stamps, arms of my bittersweet vine and here you are!

4 & Twenty Blackbirds

You have no doubt heard the "ditty" Four and Twenty Blackbirds baked in a pie..........well here they were landing in the field....what a sight!!