Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy Birthday to me..lunch @ Spinoza's !
We shared a Pax Romano Salad (ha..did not document that!) and then dug in to Pizza...scrumptious.. my friend Cassandra introduced me to Spinoza's awhile ago and I must say it is one of my favorites!!  If you go on Fri evenings, they even have live music...a really nice atmosphere!  Mac and I were thinking it had been awhile since we had pizza...ha, ha..last Friday night we took a spin to Washington CH, Rose and Jayne and we ate at Scene 62...(I had pizza)!

Looking forward to my "party" tomorrow too...after cooperating..not likely...but afterwards...Mexican, carnitas yum!!

All ready for my Hobby Lobby Class...doing Back to School Essential Oil Rollers, easy to pack in purse, lunch box or desk, teachers, pupils and the rest of us...sampling some recipes that you may be needing as fall arrives and then winter rearing its ugly head....I love meeting new people and introducing them to the '"wonders" and magic of our oils!!

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