Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cards on Monday

Simple, understated.....

Zane's card from the other day

I love Rosie Posie

Zane's 9th @ Rocky's

We celebrated Zane's 9th at one of his favorite places....Rocky's...he loves the games!!! All of his brothers and sisters attended and made it a fun time!!!PIZZA!!!!


Some images from a stroll in the shady part of our yard, Hank is resting under the bed of Lily of Valley, our "first puppy" lo some 49 years ago now, he was a "traveler", he went on all our trips, Texas for a year, camping, a stubborn "dachsie"..the first of three...

 Wild Strawberries, how sweet, found them...have to remember and check them out before the critters do!  And the lowly dandelion, amazing how delicate yet so tenacious!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unprecedented March weather!!

Bee in Tulip Magnolia


Wonderful smelling Viburnum outside bedroom window

Zane with corn cobs and slingshot

"Our" backyard marauder!!!
Footprints..in the field..Raccoon???

Pioneer Woman booksigning in Columbus March 21

Ree and Jayne

Marlboro Man & Nancy

Pioneer Woman and Nancy

Checking out the rental!

I need to see if they are nesting

Book signing

After the book signing @ Johnny Rocket's

Our patient waiter; after a 2 hour wait we were starved at 8:30 and ready to eat the menu!!