Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer is on the wane, there may be another month left, but all of the sudden the sun is lower in the sky, daylight is lessening, the night is full of the chorus' of katydids and crickets, flowers are all but gone....the hot July is taking its toll on all.  How sad it always is..I will soon be marking the calendar keeping watch when the male hummingbirds take off, today they are here....but how long will they be around?  They will fly south and leave the females and juveniles to follow on their own.  They arrived late this year as we had a cold spring and all too soon they will leave.

My Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are beginning to bloom, I have a heck of a time with them..come on...a common morning glory..wouldn't you think??  A purple one that I planted who knows when..threatens to take over the whole yard....unwanted that it is...I really need to grub it all out and 
and keep planting "Blues.  If I had all the dollars I have spent on Heavenly Blue Morning Glories I would have a tidy little sum I tell you!!

Soon it will be time to plant those spring bulbs, take the summering plants in and save what I want to "carry over", order wood and get ready for ssshhhh....winter.
With fall will come election time, won't we all be ready for that?  Halloween, quick on its heels, Thanksgiving , Christmas....hustle and bustle......snowy January, frigid February brightening of March, the hope of April, sweet smell of May, busy June, sunny July, and so it goes.....

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