Saturday, January 2, 2016

So, I received a Fitbit for Christmas, I am tracking my steps, sleep and heartrate. 
Yesterday I found a YouTube Video which has you walking 1000 steps in 10 minutes and it was not actually a "bad thing"! Much better than trying to walk outside when the wind is blowing those breezes @ 34 degrees!!!  So my goal is 1000 steps a day over and above the normal steps I take!
I have been on the" water wagon" for at least 9 months now, another benefit of my essential oil journey.  Completely off  Diet Coke.  I was one of those people who started in the am with it and went until bedtime, always a Diet Coke.  At first I thought, ok, but just when I have Pizza, who can eat Pizza without pop??  (I am not a Beer drinker)  I do not like tea and I do not like coffee, so what else is there???  Water!!!  Slowly but surely I do not even crave pop! ( Now if I could wean myself from Chocolate?!)  So I encourage you to try water, you know it is better for you!!

The Young Living Weight loss trio is Essential Oils in Lemon, Peppermint and Grapefruit.  Just drop a couple of drops each into your water, ice and go!  If you are sipping on your water all day, whenever you are ready for more water, add it with no oils, you can use the same glass at least 3 times before you have to replenish oil and then perhaps you just add lemon or peppermint, whatever flavor you like!  Be sure you are using glass or a metal glass, no plastic when you are using citrus flavors.  Will definitely not want disintegrated plastic in your water! ( Citrus Oils "eat" plastic)

Would you like to learn more about Essential Oils?  Here is a link to Young Living with my membership number should you be interested to have your very own kit complete with diffuser! check it out or comment below!

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