Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, so I do not know what happened to my very first post from yesterday, first on this blog, please view previous posts on mychipmunkhill, anyway...I am reposting as well as I can, reconstructing what I did yesterday...bear with me.

Yesterday was a dark and dreary day, rain approaching, with temps in the 40's. When the temp reaches 40 I take my ferns out for a see I keep all my ferns over the winter not a pretty sight with all their little leaves over everything, but I digress, when it is mild enough out they go for a "watering"!!

Picture is after they are "back in their places"! Now the 9 in the garage is another story.

My "Snowman of the day" I decided maybe a vintage looking one, so distressed with some Smootch, various Papertrey dies, and stamps, arms of my bittersweet vine and here you are!

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