Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's talk about diffusers, shall we?
Our mind creates powerful connections between scents and emotions, memories.  I can still "smell" the smell of the "haymow"( look that word up, how long has it been since you have heard that used?) in the barn at my grandparents farm.  The smell of hay always takes me back to my childhood.   The farm, the cows, and so on.  Like your memories of Christmas are likely of a fresh cut tree, diffusing essential oils will bring back those memories and emotions and build new memories for you and those around you.  In years to come will coming to "Auntie's house remind them of Cloves, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus, the most prominent smells of Thieves???  
In my case I suspect this will be the case!! 

Once you begin diffusing, you will venture into "recipes"  be it for health, aromatherapy, meditation, you will experiment with different recipes.  the chart below will give you some new ideas!!

Do try something new today!
Of course, the diffuser is a part of the Starter kit and a bargain at that! the price of a new kit is 160$ you can see that the diffuser is a bargain in the kit!  11 oils, diffuser, samples...what a deal! (Truly!)
If I have succeeded in tempting you:  my member#2287623 can be entered on the new member form
 @Young or please contact me and I will help you personally.

That is my sales pitch for honor of my 1st anniversary with Young Living (I joined one year ago in November!)I will "sweeten the pot"  25$ off your kit and a bonus oil too!!
Join me and enjoy the benefits that Young Living Essential Oils has to offer you

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  1. Congratulations on year 1. . . and good success with many more to follow . . . I am need of a few things right now. . . will get with you