Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh! Wow!! It has been over a year since I have blogged, I am going to catch up a bit.

So much has happened and I did not document it, except on Facebook and my photos.  I will do better, I shall do better, do you hear me?

Things I am working on:
Cards from last month's class

Birthday cards, Rose and Kane

Baby card for Emily/Callie

Callie received a new cousin last night, Karter...7.7  Twins Emily and Elyssa with babies 2 weeks apart, give or take a day or so!

My love for essential oils, learning and helping us all feel better without the chemicals and drugs!!
I began this journey back in November, so far, Mac escaped his annual bronchitis routine (Eucalyptus), his snoring is 100% better, almost all gone!!( Valor) My sinus is treated with Breath Again and Allergy Trio.  my occasional run-ins with sticks and brush...bad for my shins...Mel A aka Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Frank, andClove. I bleed profusely for a time because I am on blood thinners.(Mechanical Heart Valve)

I spent all morning researching who else is drinking from the hummingbird feeder...finally found out.....would you believe this is a female Baltimore Oriole?!  I saw her yesterday and at first glance thought, "why is a robin on the hummingbird feeder, then at second glance, no, too small for a robin and it is not a robin..only had my eyes, no phone, camera, today out kitchen window I spied her again, grabbed it all and went outside to await her coming back to feeder, I was to the computer I went you think this female hummer is wondering who is this on my feeder?

Amazing. wonder if that is how this particular feeder is always so empty and I am just now seeing who the culprit is??  At one time I thought it was bats drinking from it in the night.  That supposition was really enforced when I saw a bat flying over the pool one night as I was brushing it down late.  Makes you wonder?

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